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lachlana's Journal

Naioki's Garden
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~*Lachlana*~ - The first time I saw a BJD (while accidentally looking for Japanese hakama pants on ebay) I was captivated. Several months later I was in an extremely good bidding mood when I stumbled across an ebay auction for a CP Dreaming Shiwoo Vampire. It was love at first sight--of course, Naioki already knew he was irresistable.

And now the BJD crew . . .

--PLEASE SEE MY FLICKR FOR MY NEWEST BJD WORK: https://www.flickr.com/photos/100929788@N05/--

The Bogeyman 01
Name: Morgan
Mold: Iple Arvid
Painted by: me

Poe 1
Name: Poe
Mold: SA Saint
Painted by: me

 photo DSC_0443_zps71b7d7df.jpg
Name: Mischa
Mold: Iple Stella Boy
Painted by: me

Name: Muse
Mold: modded AiL Bertram
Painted by: me

Lexx 01
Name: Lexx
Mold: Iple Soo
Painted by: me

Name: Imogen
Mold: Little Rebel Svein
Painted by: me

Aleksi V. 01
Name: Aleksi
Mold: Dollzone Raymond
Painted by: me

Name: Caleb
Mold: modded Dollshe Bernard
Painted by: me

Name: Adonais
Mold: AiL Elijah
Painted by: me

Jaden Revamped 04
Name: Jaden
Mold: Iplehouse EID Akando (formerly Dollshe Bernard)
Painted by: me

Name: London
Mold: Soom Dia Male
Painted by: me

 photo dante08.jpg
Name: Virgil
Mold: IH Carina
Painted by: me

Name: Aberdeen
Mold: Iple SID Cherie
Painted by: me

Name: Gerard Way
Mold: modded AiL Glen
Painted by: me

 photo ghost12.jpg
Name: Ghost
Mold: DC Colin
Painted by: me

 photo heart01.jpg
Name: Heart
Mold:JID I
Painted by: me

Judas 01
Name: Judas
Mold: IOS Sezz
Painted by: me

Name: Justin
Mold: AiL Bertram
Painted by: me

The Older crew...

Name: Naioki Shiwoo
Mold: CP Luts Shiwoo Dreaming Vampire

Name: Aspen
Mold: Dream of Doll DOT Sha (default)

Name: Taji
Mold: Luts Mini Fée Shiwoo

Rowen 01
Name - Rowen-Haru
Mold - BW El (one of the original batches - 2005)
Painted by: me

 photo lachlan01.jpg
Name: Lachlan
Mold: Unidoll Jace, First Order Period (Jan 2007)
Painted by: me

Name: Sybilla
Mold: Limhwa Half Elf - 3rd Order
Painted by: me

NaiNai 04
Name: NaiNai (Naiomi) Chiwoo
Mold: CP Elf Chiwoo, open-eyed head
Painted by: me

Name: Kira
Mold: Elf Yder
Painted by: me

Name: Maru Tenzen
Mold: Koodoll (msdoll) Blue Man (on a Senior Delf Body)
Painted by: me

Name: Xiao Ming
Mold: msdoll sleeping Drayton on AOD body
Painted by: me

Name: Timmorne, Timmeh or Morner for short
Mold: CP (Dreaming Vampire Elf) WEREWOLF Chiwoo
Painted by: me

Name: Mallory
Mold: SDF Bliss
Painted by: me

Name: Gigglebunny, Gibi for short
Mold: MNF Vamp Elf Shiwoo
Painted by: me

Name: Menna
Mold: Esthy Peroth on Luts body
Painted by: me

Name: Willow
Mold: Soom Namu
Painted by: me

Name: Nariko
Nickname/AKA: *Toes*
Mold: Domuya Kabuki Bobo

Saintly 03
Name: Light Yagami
Mold: modded Migidoll Ryu
Painted by: me

Thoughts in Percentages
Name: L aka Ryuuzaki aka Lawliet ("Lowlight")
Mold: Migidoll Miho
Painted by: me

Name: Beyond Birthday aka B
Mold: Leeke Mihael
Painted by: me

Name: Loki
Mold: DIM Sergei
Painted by: me

Name: Eiji
Mold: MNF Shiwoo

The Antique Heliot
Name: Fawn
Mold: OE Heliot
Painted by: me

Zillah 01
Name: Zillah
Mold: R Heliot
Painted by: me

Name: Bordeaux Baptiste
Mold: Soom Tan Human Chalco
Painted by: me

Name: Born Beloved
Mold: Leeke Mihael
Painted by: me

Name: Shiloh
Mold: OR-Doll Little Y
Painted by: me

Name: Sugar Godzilla Sad-Cheeks
Mold: Ltd Ariadoll Valentine
Painted by: me

Name: Zane
Mold:DOI A&D
Painted by: me

Name: Smile
Mold: modded MD Miho
Painted by: me

Name: Lisander
Mold: modded FD Tobias
Painted by: me

 photo romes01.jpg
Name: Romeo
Mold: repaired Volks Schoolhead A
Painted by: me

Snow Bunny
Name: Kandi
Mold: Iple Cherie
Painted by: me