WTB: Dollshe Saint head pale skin

Worth a shot. Life's been busy but I've been gripped with inspiration for a Saint head.
I prefer OE but I'll consider SA. The important part is that he's pale skin as I'm looking to match a body I have :) Price totally negotiable.

Here's my WTB thread on DoA

If anyone out there is looking to rehome this boy, please contact me :)

In other news... I'm slowly but surely getting back to doll work again. I hate that I've been away from it so long. I just recently finished a Soom Mecha Angel Saiph for catcara Pretty proud with how she turned out :)


Much more on DoA & Flickr

NaiNai is Concerned

I actually painted NaiNai months ago (November I think) I just never got around to shooting the boy. My better half snapped a few shots tonight and all I can say is that NaiNai... is very concerned.

(We haven't figured out why yet...)

 photo NaiNai03_zps94c334e2.jpg

 photo NaiNai05_zps54824585.jpg

NaiNai is an elf Chiwoo I've had for years. He's Naioki's brother and he likes his puppy. He once cosplayed as Near from Death Note.
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Femme Boy Fatale

So I finally got around to painting my glam-rocker femme-boy, Mischa.
He's an Iplehouse Stella on a Popodoll body (that he's borrowing from Light... who never agreed to it). I'm not sure I set out to make him as femme as he turned out, but he insisted on bubblegum lips and smoky eyes with glitter... I couldn't tell him no.

So he's a natural blonde who dyes his hair black... my intention was not to indulge the blonde part, but there was this fabulous eclipse21 wig on the marketplace I bought for my Ringdoll Kay and well... Mimi insisted on having the best of both worlds.

I honestly can't decide which I like better on him... but I think i need to get him an eclipse wig in black now... damn it.

 photo DSC_0443_zps71b7d7df.jpg

 photo DSC_0448_zpsb93dc282.jpg

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His DoA gallery thread is here.
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Tony Rudy

Another boy for catcara, this time a Soom Benmore (love his gianormous ears! LOL) I plucked a little inspiration from Andrej Pejic, he's such a go-to for androgynous blond boys I could help it. Love his look. I still have to paint TR's body, but he's almost there... Hope she likes him ^^

 photo TR00_zpscee1fd5a.jpg
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Judas and Poe

These two boys were supposed to be different characters back when I first painted them, but it wasn't working out and they just got no attention. I've since changed my mind about who they are and luckily the faceups I gave them originally still work because I really like the way they both turned out.

So in the effort of trying to do more with my dolls lately, I shot some pix. Man am I rusty...

 photo JudasPoe03_zpse7283d1e.jpg

 photo JudasPoe02_zps62ee2d76.jpg

Judas is an IOS Sezz and Poe is a Migidoll Cho. :)

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In the meantime, I have a list of blank dolls to paint, both mine & several of my friends':

Soom Benmore (Cat)
Soom Saiph (Cat)
Soom Sard (Cat-incoming)
Iple Asa boy (BlueOctoberSky)
Iple Stella boy (mine)
Grenado Gulliem (Andariel)
Soom Godo (Andariel)
DZ Moment (mine)
Ringdoll Kay (mine)
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New Work!

I'm slowly but surely getting back to form... I have a long list of crew on the slab, so hopefully the updates will come more frequently.

Recently (as of last week) I finished another dorrie for catcara, a Simply Divine Thomas named 'Jack'. He's based on the Brom character (he's also been signed by Brom himself--I'll have shots of that soon.)

For now, just a teaser. (Wig by eclipse21)

 photo Jack00_zps92b51b89.jpg

Next up, catcara's Soom Benmore, Tony Rudy...

In other news, I ended up going with an Iple Stella boy for my Glam Prince, Mischa. Hoping to paint him in all his fabulousness soon. :)
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Not according to plan...

Ack. So I stalked the Iple head event for 12 hours and while I got in with enough time to see what they had, they didn't have what I wanted. Such a bummer. Especially since I ended up deciding (after waffling back and forth a bit) on Iple Stella to be my glam boy.

Sooooooo, I'll be popping that SID girl body (small bust, no mobility joint, NS) up for sale the second I have it. I really wasn't in the market to drop full price on a full doll, I was trying to stick to just a head, but I had to decide on Iple, so say la vie right? Bah.

At least I know what boy body to go with on the boy side. Popodoll 68 is a perfect fit for my other Iples, Carina & Cherie are both suddenly considering sex changes trying on that boy body LOL. (I'm hopeless. I just can't seem to get my sister act together.) LOL

 photo Vboy01_zps8963832b.jpg

Virgil as a boy... it's fitting actually, maybe she will get a sex change...

In any event, I'll have a SID body available if anyone is in need. Just need to wait for it to get here, but I must sell because my wallet is yelling at me.

Fun times. I remember now why I put myself on doll hiatus.
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B Jr

Doll-Lite Spotlite

 photo schnitzelfull_zpsba51b48e.jpg
Work still in progress...

ashbet reminded me, I need to post the link to the latest Doll Lite blog :) Mercy interviewed me a little while ago and just posted the first portion of a rather long piece on me and my customizations. Exciting! (It's a wordy thing, forgive me, I'm a writer, I never shut up. ^^;) Of course, I haven't been open to BJD work in a while due to a crazy schedule and terrible weather, but I'm hoping to get my butt in gear as things start to warm up in these parts.

In any event, here it is: http://dollpaparazzi.wordpress.com/

Thanks again Mercy!